Here are 13 ideas for making a small bedroom feel larger

The designer look may be achieved for less money with simple, time-saving projects and ideas from the home improvement aisle. Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart is a sponsor of this content. We’ve learned a thing or two about little bedroom ideas. The bedrooms at our house aren’t huge by any means.

Our principal bedroom and awkwardly shaped guest bedroom were obstacles to determining the correct layout due to physical limits. After Robert’s roommate from high school moved into a new house this summer, we decided to give him and his wife (Richard and Ashlee) a welcoming gift in the form of decorating their modest primary bedroom.

The designer look may be achieved for less money with simple, time-saving projects and ideas from the home improvement aisle. Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart is a sponsor of this content. We’ve learnt a thing or two about little bedroom ideas over the years. The bedrooms at our house aren’t huge by any means. Our own principal bedroom and awkwardly shaped guest bedroom were quite the obstacles for determining the correct layout due to physical limits. After Robert’s roommate from high school moved into a new house this summer, we decided to give him and his wife (Richard and Ashlee) a welcoming gift in the form of decorating their modest primary bedroom

The transformation is striking. It turned out so much better than what was there before! Although the photography may have been better, you get the idea. The best part is that we could pull it off at a shoestring price by using Better Homes & Gardens paint and furnishings from Walmart.

This one had me brainstorm all of the small bedroom ideas available to make it feel larger than it was. If you’re in a similar boat, I hope these suggestions prove useful. (You can see how to make small rooms look bigger throughout the rest of the house.)

Here are 13 ideas for making a small bedroom:

1. A Closet for Everything:

Whenever you’re creating art, go big and go vertical! You may make a small room appear larger by hanging art in a gallery style that extends to the ceiling. If you want to give the impression of a larger space, hang a single huge statement piece of art in the room.

I made this gallery wall using mismatched gold and wood wall frames with vintage prints for a more collected aesthetic. The statement art beside the bed is an old discontinued piece we used to have in our dining room. In this room, everything looked to be just right.

Organize your clothing, shoes, and linens in large, high closets. If your existing closet isn’t spacious enough, opt for an armoire. Consider using a brick wall inlet or a window ledge as a shelf for books and plants as an organic alternative for your minor storage needs. Modifications as small as the two pull-down nightstands in the side paneling of this room can make a big difference. Jewelry, notebooks, and glasses may be stored neatly in an antique leather chest.

2. Splitting the Space:

Opt for very light or very dark colors on walls. You’ll want to go with the color that’s on the very top or very bottom of a paint sample strip most of the time. Stay clear from mid-tones as they generate the image of a smaller area. Contrary to popular assumption, dark hues on walls in a bedroom might offer the idea of more space. Bonus: dark paint hues in bedrooms can even improve sleep! (I’ve never slept better since we painted our black bedroom walls.) I used Better Homes & Gardens Summer Fog paint to repaint the old dresser to leave the small space between the bed and the dresser open and airy.

Twin beds are a fantastic tip for making a tiny bedroom look larger. Use a thin rug like this runner to give the idea of a larger floor plan. Choose tiny lighting solutions, like these two conical wall sconces, rather than a space-consuming pendant or chandelier. A towering bookcase in the middle of the room can serve as a storage solution and a decorative focal point.

3 Clean & Uncluttered :

We decided to paint the existing bed in Obsidian by Better Homes & Gardens to provide contrast and depth. It went on incredibly smoothly! Not a single brush stroke to be seen!

4. Bedroom Mattress Height :

One easy alteration that made a tremendous difference in giving the sense of a larger bedroom was lowering the mattress. A 3-inch low-profile box spring can be used in place of a regular four-inch box spring to accomplish this. In a tiny room, a high bed can feel claustrophobic.

5. Bedroom Rug :

Place a rug beneath the bed to give the space a more defined feel. In this Bedroom’s situation, a rug helped soften the area and offer a little pattern for interest.

This modest Bedroom was transformed into a nice reading nook by utilizing a previously underutilized area. The cove’s inlet pushes the bed back against the wall, leaving a clear passage to stroll across the room. Make a nook out of many shelves, bookcases, or openings in the wall you can find. The spaces can be filled with various items, including books, house plants, electronics, jewelry, and other trinkets. Choose a bed with storage or a Murphy bed to achieve this look on your own.

6. Stunning Studio :

Easily switch up the look of your studio by centering your bed in the space. To provide a line of separation between the bed and surrounding surroundings, place a bench or heavy chest at the foot of the bed. Or you can use room dividers to make your bed more private. Choose furniture with more than one use, like the leaning ladder desk. It’s the perfect balance of storage and working space. A pair of accent chairs is a better alternative to a large sofa. Keep additional furniture like bookcases, chairs, and end tables toward the walls to create the most open arrangement possible. Complete the look with a bold lighting item.

Go high and broad with curtain panels. Be sure to buy curtains long enough to just “kiss” the floor. I like to hang curtain rods just 2-3″ below the crown molding and extend about 12″ from either side of the window frame so that the full window is visible when the curtains are pushed open.

It creates the idea of larger windows and taller ceilings, and it lets more light in! These curtain panels have such a lovely texture to them.

7. Simple Bedding :

If you want a fresh, airy, and welcoming atmosphere in your Bedroom, white bedding is your best bet. Because of the chenille’s textured pattern, I decided to add grey fringe cushions and a wonderfully soft throw blanket to the room.

Keep your little Bedroom neat and clear to avoid reducing the area. Clothes can be stored efficiently in a dresser with several deep drawers. Indulge in small handcrafted baskets for larger accessories like scarves, hats, and blankets. Decorate sparingly. We advocate choosing only a few crucial elements to keep the area light and uncluttered. Sleek white furnishings will also make the room feel bigger.

8. Bedroom Wall Mirror :

Use a mirror to reflect light around the room, especially on walls opposite a window. You can never go wrong with a traditional round mirror set atop a wood dresser.

9. Luminaires for the Bedroom:

Candles and lamps make a cave-like bedroom feel more inviting. I painted these ceramic table lights with antique brass spray paint to help give some warmth and create a mood. The intimacy of the space can be enhanced by the placement of a few candles here and there.

10. Indoor Plants for Bedroom :

A few plants may go a long way to lend vitality to a small environment. This pothos in a sweet white planter is one of several I chose to include. I used some simple eucalyptus stems in these vases I painted to lend life to the dresser. This lovely Bedroom takes advantage of one simple design hack: a gallery wall. The surrounding walls are left clear and uncluttered due to grouping all of the art together in one location. This effect makes the room appear wider and more open. Amplify this further with bright, neutral wall colors and sheer drapes.

I have a horrible track record for keeping houseplants alive, but I’ve managed to determine over the years that the greatest indoor plants for bedrooms are…

  • Snake Plants
  • Pothos
  • Philodendron
  • The Aloe Vera plant is a natural remedy.
  • Spider Plant
  • The Rubber Tree

11 . Fitting it all together:

Since children have so many things to play with, their room might easily appear as if a tornado went through it. Only in a compact bedroom will this effect be amplified. Choose a bed with built-in storage like this platform bed with pullout shelves. It will be easier and quicker to clean up, and the room will appear and feel much larger.

12. Decorative accents for the attic:

Have a bedroom with a sloped ceiling or low-hanging beams? Keep foot traffic away from the lowest places of the ceiling to optimize the space. Place your bed under a slanted beam or a low point in the ceiling to make a statement. Place any dangling lights in an out-of-the-way location, such as the region over your bed’s foot. Fill vacant spots with plants and candles to liven up the space.

13 .Scale the furniture:

Small rooms don’t require tiny furnishings, but they do necessitate finding items on the same scale and appropriate in terms of size. A king-sized bed flanked by two little nightstands looks absurd.

Instead, choose a bed size that lets you place at least one or two nightstands large enough to hold their own beside the mattress, like the bedroom shown below. Your dresser should match the nightstand in scale—often, a tall and narrow dresser works better than a wide, short piece in a tiny room.

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