Best Kid Friendly Sofas and material of 2022

There is a free design kit, sofa, and discount code at the end of this post! When we initially received the keys to our new home in April 2017, it went somewhat like this… The living room, breakfast nook, and dining room should be painted. Haul a million boxes into random rooms, praying they land in the appropriate spots.

Oh, and don’t forget to purchase a sofa. Check!

Because of the low cost of the Ikea Farlov, we were pleased with the purchase. However, washing the slipcover was a source of irritation for me. Even though slipcovers have their advantages, I have a terrible time keeping up with the laundry in this house. So when Modsy asked if I’d like to showcase a pet/kid-friendly sofa from their new Minna Home range, my instant thinking was, “I don’t have to launder a slipcover ever again! :)” Freedom!”

I’ve previously shared Modsy’s design service with all of you when we couldn’t figure out how to use our breakfast nook’s unusual layout to its full potential. Until next week, we’ll be finishing up that little facelift. Using the Modsy website, you can preview exactly how the Minna House line will look in your home by uploading your room images. As a result, we evaluated how comfortable our new sofa would be before it was delivered. As a person who often has difficulty committing to large furniture purchases, this option is a godsend.

If you have kids or dogs, you’ll appreciate the fabric’s durability and ease of cleaning. Eco-friendly materials are used, and they’re custom-made in the United States. Up to date as of August 2022: The fabric on my sofa still looks great after two years of ownership! The fabric has held up admirably to the messes made by two children and a dog, except for a few minor obstinate patches. Over time, the back cushions sagged a little in terms of comfort.

Best Kid-Friendly Sofas and material

However, the sofa’s downside was that it never softened up and remained on the firm side, making it uncomfortable. Because of the sofa’s lack of lumbar support, Robert’s back became inflamed, necessitating the services of a chiropractor.

The new design of this living area intrigues me. The longer we stay in this house, the more I can see where our taste is going. As a mom, I’m relieved that our kids can be themselves without fear of being smothered by their slipcovers. Woot!

The way you spend your weekends (goodbye slow breakfasts, hello playground at 8 am) and the music you listen to drastically change when you have children. The quality and beauty of your décor, on the other hand, need not vary. Kids and trendy furniture don’t mix, according to a prevalent belief. Find out how to pick a sofa that will withstand messes and sleepovers while yet representing your adult style by reading on.


If your sofa is going to be the focal point of your living room, it needs to be both attractive and accommodating for the whole family. A sectional is the best option for us because of these reasons. No longer massive and drab, sectionals have evolved into some of the chicest alternatives available, with plenty of options to please everyone, from exquisite traditionalists to hardcore mid-century modernists.

More info About Kid Friendly Sofas and material:

Modern Sectional :

If you’re seeking a minimalist sectional sofa without sacrificing comfort, our Modern Sectional is for you. It’s sleek, sleek, and with brass legs, it’s the perfect addition to any room. The cushions on our couches are composed of soft foam rather than down, so they don’t require any fluffing. Bonus: you can easily remove the cushion covers to wash them.

A Slipcovered Sectional is perfect for individuals who like a more classic, cozier look. In addition to being easy to clean, this sectional sofa’s detachable and machine-washable slipcover adds a stylish touch.


Sofa fabric might be your greatest ally when choosing a sofa that can withstand juice spills and finger paint smears. Performance textiles are crucial. Our performance linen is the best option for furniture suitable for children. It’s made of a high-quality fabric designed to withstand wear and tear. Even though it has a crisp, structured appearance, it doesn’t feel stiff or scratchy.

This fabric is available in various colors and patterns, making it ideal for creating a casual, laid-back atmosphere in your home. In most cases, soap and water are all that’s needed to clean up a spill or stain (all our fabrics come with specific cleaning instructions). This is your best bet for those who want a sofa that will last the test of time.

Velvet with a performance edge:

Do you drool over images of opulent silk velvet couches? This magnificent and opulent look may be yours without breaking the bank or fearing that it will be forever ruined at a slumber party. Our performance velvet is available in various vibrant hues, ensuring that your sofa will be the center of attention in your home. Cleans easily and stands up to wear and tear, just like performance linen.

Solids vs. Patterned Fabrics:

According to Danielle, our co-founder and creative director, who is also a mother of a sippy cup-wielding toddler, patterns with a lot of detail are more likely to disguise stains. Danielle recommends going with something like our leopard print, chintz, or banana palm when it comes to color and scale. Even though a cabana stripe is technically a print, its linear pattern of only two colors makes it appear solid to the eye. Also, anything with a solid white background should be avoided, as spills tend to find their way there.

Light vs. Dark Fabrics :

It’s a frequent misconception that wearing darker clothes would make you look more put together. Anyone who has dark-colored carpets and carries a Swiffer in a holster understands exactly what we’re talking about! Pet hair (from your four-legged family members, of course) is attracted to dark hues and dust and lint. Our founder Christiane rubbed swatches of fabric over her dog’s back to find the perfect fabric for a pet-friendly garment.

A fantastic fundamental, our Husk Performance Linen is easy to clean, and a tawny camel color, our Sand Performance Velvet, is clean yet has a luxurious look.


Whether or not a leather sofa is the ideal choice for a busy family room is debated. Using a paper towel to wipe up spills is all required to clean leather. The patina that leather furniture gets over time is similar to your favorite leather jacket, giving it a rich and well-loved look. Even if you don’t have kids, you may want to avoid this option if they’re prone to writing on furniture, especially with sharp pens and pencils.

Microfiber, Ultrasuede, twill, denim, and wool are some kid-friendly fabrics to keep an eye out for. Most outdoor furniture’s fabric (such as pillows) is made to endure the outdoors, ideal for high-traffic locations with a constant stream of children.

The power of the pillow:

Throw pillows are more than simply a way to add color or design to your couch. They’re a must-have for kids who like to make forts and pile up on the floor to watch it in front of the TV. The following are Danielle’s best ideas for making your home kid-proof:

  • Pillows aren’t worth sleeping on. Take chances and have fun because they aren’t a big investment here.
  • Our pillows are priced between $49 and $59, removing the intimidation element.
  • The same design punch is available in all 150+ fabrics for the outdoor cushions, but there is no anxiety.
  • Color-blocking or patterned cushions can give visual interest to a plain-colored sofa. An Ocean Velvet background can be used with designs such as Muki Dot, Shibori, or an animal print like Fawn, as Danielle suggests.
  • The pattern-on-pattern effect is nothing to be terrified of. Even if you have a limited color palette, “mixing patterns is easy to achieve,
  • “Danielle says. “As a general rule, I try to keep things in proportion. Embroideries and geometric designs merge seamlessly with bolder, larger counterparts such as florals because of their smaller scale.


  1. It’s good to have your sofa professionally treated if you’re concerned about spills like grape juice for the kids or red wine for yourself. To further protect your couch investment, have a professional cleaning service come to your house and saturate it with a stain-resistant, non-toxic solvent.
  2. Replace your coffee table with a cocktail ottoman to make your living room and family room furniture even more child-proof. When children begin to walk, the upholstery provides soft and forgiving corners.
  3. Choosing a beautiful, kid-proof sofa might be a difficult part of being a parent, but it doesn’t have to be with these insider suggestions.

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