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Public sector jobs in the KPK government: A public sector institution is seeking to hire staff on a contract basis for its various projects and is doing so by soliciting applications via the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency’s (ETEA) online application system. The Daily Aaj was the source from which we obtained this list of Government Jobs in KPK Public Sector Organization.

This public-sector organization is currently accepting applications for staff positions available within its several health-related projects. Candidates who are residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Newly Merged Districts/Ex-FATA are eligible to submit applications for these newly available job openings.

What is Public sector?

The public sector refers to the segment of the economy that is made up of all levels of government and businesses that are controlled by the government. Households, non-profit organisations, and private businesses are not included in this scope of study.

The general definition of the public sector includes ownership or control by the government rather than mere function, and as a result, it encompasses activities such as the exercise of public authority and the implementation of public policies. In a diagram depicting the public sector as a series of concentric circles, the innermost circle represents the core public service that is performed in national and subnational government organizations. It is clear, in this instance, how the public sector differs from the private sector in terms of employment relationships and the right to use public power. This contrast can be seen in terms of the fact that the public sector is legally required to provide certain services. The next ring contains a variety of quasi-governmental agencies, all of which are, nevertheless, situated outside of the direct chain of accountability inside the government. Funds for social security and regional development are two examples of this type of organization. State-owned businesses, which are typically identified by the government’s ownership of the company or by the government’s ownership of the majority of the shares, populate the outermost circle. Even though public ownership is still a prevalent feature in many areas, such as the field of local public transportation, extensive privatizations of state-owned businesses began in the 1980s in a number of developed countries and continued well into the 2000s. These privatizations could have been partial or complete. Some examples of these businesses include airlines and the telecommunications industry.

The organization is looking to fill positions in its Hepatitis Clinic, NCD Clinic, Triage Clinic, and TB Staff. Additionally, it wants to hire staff for its Project Management Unit in Peshawar. Interested parties are required to read the material provided down below.

Vacant Positions:

  • Charge Nurses
  • Clinicians Who Practice Psychology
  • Operators of Data Entry Systems
  • Officers in the Logistical and Supply Chain
  • Directors of Health Information Management
  • Members of the Medical Staff
  • Technicians in Medical Care
  • Members of the Research Staff
  • Coordinators of Instruction
Date of Posting:23-06-2022
Education:Bachelor’s, Master’s, Matriculation, Medical Bachelor of Science, and Relevant Diploma
The end will come on:20-jully-2022
Organization:Public Sector Organization Location: Public Sector Organization, Peshawar
Company Name:Public Sector Organization

There are openings for Managers – Health Communications, Logistic & Supply Chain Officers, Training Coordinators, Research Associates, Medical Officers, Clinical Psychologists, Charge Nurses, Medical Technicians, and Data Entry Operators in these Government Jobs 2022 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The educational requirements for these roles include a BCS, BSCS, MCS, Matriculation, Appropriate Field Diploma, BSc Nursing, Post RN, MSc, MS, and MBBS Qualifications, as well as experience in the relevant field.

Public sector jobs in the KPK government

Candidates will be given special permission to take the ETEA Screening Test in the event of an emergency. However, the appointing authority will conduct a thorough investigation, and if any candidate is found to be ineligible in any of the phases at any level of the recruitment process, the appointing authority will proclaim that candidate to be ineligible. This may occur at any step of the process. Screening tests will be used to narrow down the pool of applicants for interviews by the ETEA.

Public sector jobs in the KPK government
Public sector jobs in the KPK government

How Do I Apply Via the Online Form?

  • Online applications can be submitted at from anyone who is interested and meets the requirements.
  • Please do not mail hard copies of applications that were submitted online to the Department or ETEA.
  • Upload all needed scanned papers.
  • After submitting your online application, you will be able to download the Challan Form that was prepared.

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