Review of the Pottery Barn sofa

How the York Pottery Barn Sofa really is and what you need to know before you buy one. After nearly TWO MONTHS of living with our two Pottery Barn sofas, I’m finally ready to show and tell you all about them!

Pottery Barn sofa

Because I knew I’d get inquiries about them as soon as they arrived, I’ve been reluctant to show these sofas to anyone. But now that we’ve had some time with them, I feel comfortable recommending them to others. We finally purchased our Slipcovered Slope Arm York Pottery Barn Sofa after years of deliberation, waiting, and savings.

It’s been six months since we bought these sofas, and we’re still in love with them! We aren’t as thrilled with our selection of Sunbrella cloth as we had hoped, and we’ve now recognised that if we had a second chance, we’d go with Crypton instead.

After six months, here’s how our sofa looks:

here's how our sofa looks

If this is something you’ve been eyeing, I thought I’d share all you need to know before making a final decision on whether it’s the appropriate sofa for you and your family. why we purchased two sofas from york pottery barn
Having only a single sofa in our living room left us with no extra seating space for guests, so we purchased two sofas.

What a Difference Our Sofas Made in Our Living Room :

First, let me pause and take in the transformation of our living room since we moved here. York Slope Arm Sofa Specifications by pottery Barn
Style of York Sofa
With its spacious seat and clean style, we opted for the York Slope Arm Sofa from Pottery Barn. It’s a straightforward design with straight edges.

As a result, if you’re looking for a sofa that may work in a space that’s neither too conventional nor too modern, the York style can be perfect for you. An added feminine touch comes from the sloped arm design.

Comparison of an Upholstered vs. a Slipcovered Sofa
The slipcovered York Slope Arm couch and the upholstered version were both available. I prefer a covering since it allows us to switch either the colour or material without having to buy a new sofa totally. A more laid-back cottage aesthetic works well with the slipcover.

Choosing a Sofa Fabric
As soon as I saw that we had 105 fabric options to select from, I realised that I needed a performance fabric that could withstand our kids and our dog’s messes and grime. As a result, we decided to go with the Sunbrella Performance Chenille fabric in the shade of Salt.

The dimensions of the York sofa
The depth of the seat was a major selling point for us. There has a 22′′ seat depth in the 81″ width. The sofa’s 36-inch height makes it ideal for persons who are taller than average. The York is the best choice for those who like to “cuddle up” on their sofa. Because of Their Sleek Designs, Other Sofas We Considered
Cove Sofa PB Comfort Square Arm Sofa Carmel Square Arm Sofa.

The Influence of Our Residential Setting on Longevity.

A little Yorkie mix dog and two young children put these sofas to the test in our household. Our kids have already clambered up on the sofas with muddy feet and hands, and our dog loves to lay on the back cushions squishing them out of shape when I’m not around to tell her no.

durability is one of the main advantages of a pottery barn sofa. They are easy to “fluff” back into form because the cushions are made of a down blend. The sofa is made of non-sagging steel, and the loose cushions may be flipped over to extend its life.

The loose cushions

  • Comfort. IKEA’s Farlov sofa was our third purchase in the last four years (which I posted a full review about our IKEA Farlov sofa years ago). This piece will expand on the Farlov comparison, but for now, let me just say that this Pottery Barn sofa is hands down the most comfortable I’ve ever sat on. We’ve tried a lot of sofas over the years, but this one kept drawing us back.
  • If you’re looking for a sofa that’s both comfortable and supportive, this one is “just perfect” for Goldilocks. The bench cushion on these couches is so soft that it feels like you’re sleeping on a twin-sized mattress.
  • Design possibilities that can be tailored to suit your needs. There are so many options to customise the York sofa line, like other Pottery Barn sofa collections: 4 different widths; chair and sectional options; 105 fabric/slipcover/upholstery and
  • leather options; flexibility in the number of back and seat cushions you prefer; slope arm option for an elegant style or square arm option for more modern look; and slope or square arm options for a contemporary or traditional look.
  • Dishwasher-safe. We’ve had a few tiny juice and coffee spills, but the Sunbrella fabric has cleaned them up easily using a sponge.

Price :

Price. Now comes the difficult part. It’s not for those on a tight budget. Because of the quality of the materials and the fact that the cushions are filled with a down blend and Sunbrella fabric, I believe this is a worthwhile purchase. It’s an investment in my book. When we bought our previous two couches, they had polyester fill cushions that degraded and sagged, the springs popped out of the sofa, and Robert developed a horrible back because of it. This is our third sofa in nearly five years.

  • This is it. We are in a global supply chain crisis right now, so it’s fair to say that delays were greater than they would be in “normal” circumstances. They were ordered in January 2021 and arrived in early September 2021. It was a long wait, but it was worth it in the end.
  • It’s awkward to sit up straight. Occasionally, when I don’t want to “roll up” but prefer to sit, I have to prop myself up with a couple of pillows. It can be awkward to be a little more formal in social situations when visitors are around. This couch was made for relaxing around the house.
  • Cushions need to be cleaned from time to time. There is a small amount of dinginess on the seat cushions, thus using an upholstery cleaning machine (I have this one) without steaming can assist.
  • Sunbrella cloth isn’t as easy to clean as I expected after six months of ownership. The feedback I’ve gotten from friends who’ve used Crypton fabrics on various furnishings versus Sunbrella fabric has been overwhelmingly positive. The Sunbrella fabric holds up well and can be cleaned with water for the most part, but it will still appear dirty if you don’t use an upholstery cleaner once a month.

Review of the pottery barn tyler sofa :

This Pottery Barn Tyler Recliner review from a few months ago is also available here. They’re still one of our favourite things!

Another before and after is now complete.

It’s very delicious!

Is there a sofa in your living room that you adore and would recommend to others? You might also tell us about your experience with a Pottery Barn sofa if you have one. Wouldn’t it be great to know?

Since Pottery Barn has multiple discounts each year, waiting for a 20-30% discount is your best bet if you do decide to go with a Pottery Barn sofa.

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