Some master bedroom designs that inspire me right now

A major overhaul of the master bedroom is in the works. As usual, this wasn’t on our radar until a few weeks ago, but as I glanced around our semi-lackluster bedroom after the baby fog co-sleeping days, the more I realized it truly has been calling out for some attention. (Does that make sense?) The aftermath of a baby? Is this a cry for help? Make a day of it and listen to the mom jokes while you’re at it. It’s not hard to get by here.

Although we’ve done a good deal of decorating, we haven’t actually finished the room or even come up with a “game plan” for it. To give you a taste of what we’re working on, I’d like to show you some master bedroom designs. Maybe they may help you with your bedroom as they did for me, and give you some inspiration.

inspirational bedroom

Even if you disagree, there’s no doubting that the bedroom is a crucial part of your house. An oasis of calm in the middle of hectic work and family obligations schedule is an absolute necessity. That’s why it’s so important to look for inspiration in bedroom design ideas.

As a contributing editor at House Beautiful, I’m no stranger to the power of good design to lift spirits. However, I have the support of a sizable portion of the scientific community. According to a 2015 survey in the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, most people believe that their emotional well-being is influenced (and, in some cases, regulated) by a room’s acoustic environment. For this reason, your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and decompress.

If you want to make your bedroom feel like a place where you can relax, you should first make it feel warm and inviting. You want to make sure that it reflects your style, combines your favorite materials and colors and patterns, shines the proper light, and maximizes space. Here, you’ll find everything you need to spruce up your bedroom.

To help you build the perfect bedroom, we came up with 65 options. A more restful night’s sleep can be yours no matter how daring you dare to be, what size of space you have to work with, or what furniture style you prefer. They’ll also be a hit with your guests.

Read About Some master bedroom designs

Make your color scheme vibrant:

With its bold red bedding, modern bedframe, and graphic lamp, Anthony Baratta’s bedroom exudes clean, intentional, and a bit wild style. There is a strong connection between each piece and the abstract picture above the bed. Here are some of our favorite Pottery Barn bedframes:

Strategic window treatments:

If you’re lucky enough to view the ocean from your bedroom, don’t obstruct it with heavy window treatments. But if you want total darkness to sleep, these two designers opted for blackout blinds that can be tucked away during the day. Our favorite bedroom hardware is Ballard Designs, so check them out and shop our pick below!

Lighting and bedding should match:

This main bedroom, designed by Abney Morton Interiors, features a chartreuse lamp paired with gingham upholstery and bedding. The color is an unexpected choice to maintain a lake cabin-like feel while maintaining an air of sophistication and maturity. Check out West Elm’s bedroom lighting, and we’ve included a few of our favorites here:

Neutrals with personality :

If you’re looking for a way to add character and coziness to a mostly white room, this bedroom by Balsamo Antiques and Interior Design is a great place to start. Dark and brooding, it’s perfect for those late-night kip-ins. Make use of Overstock’s wide variety of low-cost home decor products.

Take advantage of architectural quirks:

Consider it a blessing to work with a difficult arrangement or architectural oddities. Using a custom bed frame with built-in nightstands and a night lamp, interior designer Brigette Romanek used the room’s nook and low ceiling as anchor points. To furnish your bedroom with a touch of luxury, visit Target.

Texture-rich design:

The lovely stone walls in Cathy Chapman’s serene blue primary bedroom add an earthy touch. Do you want to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep? You’ll need a color like a sky blue to help you relax. Throw blankets are also helpful. Make sure to check out ABC Carpet and Home for opulent bedroom furnishings.

Mix and match bedding patterns:

Even in a small bedroom, there is enough pattern to be found. This bedroom, designed by Kristin Hein and Philip Cozi, features an intricate shutter design, a comforting pile of purple floral cushions, and a golden damask-print coverlet. Check out Anthropologie for boho-chic bedroom decor that’s both beautiful and daring.

Make Your Furnishings Float:

Oversized furniture should be replaced with sleek floating beds and nightstands rather than bulky, high-footage pieces. If you have a small bedroom, this is a lifesaver in making your space appear less congested. For more cutting-edge bedroom accents, visit Finnish Design Shop.

Create a vanity space:

Dressing tables are an excellent addition to any space. The purple trim on the vanity skirt in this bedroom designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors perfectly reflects the curtains and table lamp, making the room feel cohesive. To get dependable bedroom essentials, look no farther than One Kings Lane.

Create a warm atmosphere:

The chocolate brown walls and fall foliage-inspired bedding in this Fiona Lynch Studio-designed bedroom radiate coziness. There is an unexpected flair to the modern table lamp. Luxurious bedroom décor may be found at Y Lighting.

You can use wood for your ceiling:

The interior designer of his bedroom, Gail Davis’ work, is textured and pattern-rich, but it also maintains serenity and neutrality. Consider installing a wood ceiling in your home or office to add extra warmth and texture to the space. More fashionable bedroom accessories may be found at Jungalow.

Walls should be upholstered:

Alison Pickart’s white, bright, and spacious space is given a smokey, textured twist with the addition of grey velvet walls and a headboard that matches. These softly cushioned walls speak for themselves, so no artwork is required. More modern bedroom furniture may be seen at CB2.

Fit Furniture to Size:

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you may have to get creative regarding the furniture you use. Each object in this room has been carefully selected to fit in the limited area. Since it’s on the narrower side, they ensured the two-tiered bedside table on the other side of the bed supplied extra surface space, like the narrow bedroom table. More economical small-space furniture may be found at Wayfair.

It’s time to loosen up:

This bedroom, designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, features loose linens, an antique floor mirror, and a structural pendant lamp that add a dash of sophistication. If you’re going to go with one color scheme, make sure to use a variety of textures to give the space a more substantial feel. See Parachute Home for high-end contemporary bedding.

Add a Fun Headboard:

Studio Ashby’s Sophie notes that “a wide upholstered headboard brings more fabric into a bedroom while allowing for the integration of eclectics,” It is the headboard in this room that defines the color palette and adds a feeling of formality while also injecting a modern twist that isn’t overly trendy. Project62 is a great place to shop for economical bedroom decor.

Bring in a Canopy:

This bedroom features a shaker-style stove that combines the warmth of a traditional fireplace with the sleek lines of a contemporary appliance. Even though it’s in Maxwell Ryan’s bedroom, this one’s lovely translucent canopy makes it perfect for the summer and winter. Bed, Bath & Beyond is a one-stop-shop for your home decor needs.

Carve Out a Reading Nook:

The appropriate design treatment may transform any area into usable space. A simple bench, cushions, and wall art transformed a small area in this bedroom by Romanek Design Studio. More fashionable bedroom accessories may be found at Jungalow.

Lean Large Artwork:

Despite the large-scale photograph of a classic yellow bedroom, this Regan Baker-designed bedroom has a bohemian atmosphere. As an alternative, you might use an image of an interior that mirrors and contrasts your own. Lean it against the wall instead of hanging it, in true boho style. Framebridge is a great resource for bespoke framing and trendy frames.

Pay Attention to Scale:

In this bedroom designed by 2LG Studio, every item has been meticulously selected to work within the space’s unique architectural peculiarities… It’s a simple example, but the narrow nightstand table fits well into the corner and has plenty of drawer space for additional storage. The light patterned wallpaper and lighting of the area can also provide a quirky personality to the space. Visit West Elm for a variety of fashionable bedroom accessories and more.

 Fun With Wallpaper:

Fun wallpaper is a simple way to add character to a room without consuming valuable floor space. This one stands out against the room’s more standard features in a bedroom designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Of course, a bedroom wouldn’t be complete without well-organized storage. With a lot of storage, this dresser would be ideal. Urban Outfitters has a variety of removable wallpapers that are fun to look at.

Look At Your Walls:

If this Danielle Colding-designed bedroom inspires you, match your upholstered headboard to the color of the walls. Rather than drawing attention to itself, the studded border on this wallpaper becomes a seamless part of the beige background. More fashionable bedroom accessories may be found at Jungalow.

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