The Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom

Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom: 5 months of unbiased research on the effectiveness of sleep-promoting light bulbs for children, infants, and adults. I never expected to care about a light bulb in the first place. It’s the first time for everything, but you never know. One of my odd Instagram Story pop-ins a few weeks back got a message asking what my favorite light bulbs were. Randomness in its purest form. That’s what initially came to mind when I heard the word, “Bright.” *shrug*

This led me to remember a light bulb I tried out a few months ago and failed to tell you about… because, come on, who even considers light bulbs? (This is not a paid advertisement.) I thought I’d share what I’ve learned in case it helps anyone else who has trouble sleeping. However, I’ve included an affiliate link in this post, just in case. Here’s all the information you need to know.)

“The witching hour” with our children has become second nature to us, with nighttime feedings, sleep regressions, 2 am growing pains, and 3 am diaper changes all common occurrences. That’s the best part. At the end of each day, my inner voice whispers, “Please let me sleep.” Please go to bed. If this kid will just go to sleep, for the love of all that is good and holy, I will give up chocolate for a month.”

Using these sleep-promoting light bulbs, we’ve been able to create a cosy, comforting atmosphere in our kids’ rooms while also assisting them in falling asleep more quickly. It’s possible you’ve never heard of them, but they are blue wavelength-blocking light bulbs that help your body produce its own melatonin (which is a hormone necessary for sleep). Many sleep specialists recommend limiting screen usage at least an hour before bed in order to assist your body adjust to your normal circadian cycle and wind down.

When Robert or I read to Olivia before she goes to sleep, with the exception of the sleep light bulb on her bedroom lamp, it helps calm her excitable demeanor. And as part of our bedtime routine with Regan, I sing lullabies and feed her while rocking her in the glider in her room. To help her learn to self-soothe in her cot, I always keep this little lamp on during our cuddling time.

Light bulb for your bedroom

So far, it’s been a slam dunk.

She doesn’t wake up as much when we have to switch on a lamp in the middle of the night since the bulbs don’t wake her up as much as the overhead light does. In fact, despite the fact that this particular product is geared at children, I’ve read that adults with insomnia have found success taking it as well.

And to be honest, the price tag threw me since it’s absurd. But for us, it’s all been worth it (if it means I get more sleep, please take my money). For the past five months, we haven’t had a single problem, and they have a two-year warranty. That’s all there is to it. A simple post about a light bulb turned out to be a lot more important than I had expected, much to my surprise. If anything, I hope it helps you.

Night view of bulb
Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom

You’ve probably heard by now that attempting to wind down for bed by staring at your phone or TV can actually make falling asleep difficult. Blue light is a harsh reality. Because blue light has shorter wavelengths than other hues in the visible light spectrum, it promotes greater alertness than do warmer light tones, as stated by the National Sleep Foundation.

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Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom It’s because of this that sleep specialists advocate not only turning off the television and putting down your phone, but also lighting your room with soft lights. We turned to Michael Grandner, PhD, Casper’s sleep advisor and director of the University of Arizona’s Sleep and Health Research Program, to find the finest lightbulbs for sleep.

Light bulbs that help you get a good night’s sleep For a good night’s sleep, red light is the best option. Although most individuals won’t go out and buy red light bulbs for all of their standard table lamps, this is more relevant to night lights. Grandner, on the other hand, recommends using yellow or orange-tinted bulbs, preferably dimmable or not as bright as a standard LED bulb. So, your best bet is to use incandescent bulbs.

They emit a soothing white light that isn’t overtly yellow or orange, but is nevertheless favourable to a good night’s rest. Lighting with more yellow or orange light is better for encouraging sleep at night,” he says, adding that bright bulbs with more blue-green light are better for supporting a powerful morning wakeup call.

When it comes to light bulbs and sleep, there is a prevalent misperception.

When it comes to changing a home’s lights, many people assume that just those in the bedroom need to be changed. Grandner, on the other hand, advises that you utilise yellow and orange-tinted lights wherever you plan on spending the most of your waking hours leading up to bedtime. As a rule of thumb, if you want to spend the night on the sofa, you should ensure that the light in your environment is beneficial to sleep.”

Using blue light when it’s helpful: Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom

For example, when you’re deliberately trying to avoid falling asleep. When you expose yourself to blue light in the evening, your brain tricks your body into thinking it’s still daylight. Makes it more difficult to get to sleep because of a decrease in melatonin production. As a result, if you want to work late into the night without relying on caffeine, exposing oneself to blue light may be beneficial.

These bulbs have been shown to be the best for promoting sleep:

  • Light Bulb with Sleep-Shift Function from Harth
  • In the Nighttime
  • The Mr. Beams Battery Nightlight is an excellent choice for a bathroom light.
  • Plug-In Red Night Light – Great for the Living Room – Greenic
  • The iAVO LED Night Light is an excellent choice for a baby’s nursery.
  • Choosing the Right Hallway Light with the LOHAS Night Light

As part of our research, we wanted to learn about the best light bulbs to use at night that won’t disturb your sleep. In order to avoid disrupting your sleep at night, you can use sleep-promoting light bulbs that do not generate blue light at night. We did some online research to find the best-reviewed and most highly recommended brands of healthy sleep-promoting light bulbs for online purchase.

Using sleep technology, the Harth Sleep-Shift Light Bulb can help you get out of bed on time and maintain healthy sleep patterns, as well. Despite its name, this night light isn’t really anything more than an ordinary bulb in a socket. It is Harth’s desire that you alter your circadian rhythm, which governs when you naturally go to sleep and awaken. That’s what Harth’s Sleep-Shift Light Bulb claims to do, by emitting low blue light and a warm, amber glow at night.

You can’t help but fall in love with the end result. 7-watt Amber LED lights are used in the warm glow, which can be expected to last up to 30000 hours and produce an output of 630 lumens. The end result is that you may transform any space into the right setting.

While the light bulb promises to emit precise wavelengths that aid in sleep, the unique feature of this bulb is its glow and ability to save on energy use. Also, the SCS Lighting Solutions Sleep Ready Light Bulb was previously known as this bulb.

A battery-powered amber night light from Mr Beams is an excellent option for those who don’t want to deal with the trouble of using mains electricity. You won’t have to worry about it protruding too much from the wall because it measures just under 4 inches (10.16 cm) in width and height and just 1.2 inches (3.05 cm) in depth.Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom

The batteries in the Mr Beams nightlight are meant to last up to one year, so you won’t have to replace them as frequently. Motion sensors are wonderful because they only activate when they detect motion in a corridor or passageway leading to a bedroom or bathroom.

Because they can be mounted with screws or adhesive tape almost anyplace and have a waterproof shell, you can use them outside even if it rains. This means that you can utilise your bathroom’s Mr Beams light to get to the bathroom at night. When barbecuing late at night or unwinding in the hot tub with guests, you may use the light even on your outside deck. The light can also be used in a tent or RV when camping.

Plug-in red night light by Greenic :

There is no better nightlight than the Greenic red led night light. Best Light Bulb for Your Bedroom Warm white or vivid blue are two options among the many colours available. In the dark, the LED light’s mellow glow gives ambient light that is not intrusive. The style of this night light is what really grabs your attention. The modern wide band gives a mellow glow that adds a fascinating aesthetic element to most areas, despite its simplicity and compactness.

Lighting can be turned on and off automatically using a dusk-to-dawn sensor. In response to the sensor’s feedback, the light gradually dims and brightens over time. The LED light uses 110-120V power and has a lifespan of 50000 hours.

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