10 Best Bedroom Ideas for Sleeping Spaces

Using an air mattress to create a temporary guest room in your house is a great way to make your guests feel at home while they’re visiting. Today, our home office became a guest room thanks to our brainstorming efforts. At this point, I think it should be designated as “mama’s slumber zone” with a “Do Not Disturb” sign posted on the door. In your mind, do you believe that I could get away with this?

We’re expecting 14 guests for Thanksgiving this year, so we’ll need to create beds out of thin air to accommodate all of them. Our home office turned out to be the ideal location for setting up a temporary guest bedroom with an air mattress that was comfy and inviting.

In reality, this is how our home office looks daily (except that there are a lot more papers and messes all over the place). Marie Kondo and Martha Stewart don’t work here, okay?) Now… can you believe this is an office-turned guest bedroom using an air mattress?

Yes, that cute bed is an air mattress. I pulled together a few basic makeshift items from around the house and a few guest room essentials from Walmart to make it as comfortable as possible for a functional space.

 Sleeping Spaces

This is an excellent way to promote a spare room as a bedroom when arranging a home. Everything you need to know about air mattresses and guest room ideas is right here!

10 Best Bedroom Ideas for Sleeping Spaces:

Firstly, a shout out to the DIY shower curtain art that doubles as an air mattress headboard. Happy accidents are the best!

1. Invest in a High-Height Air Mattress :

If your guests are elderly or have difficulty scooting onto the floor, it’s recommended to utilize an air mattress height of at least 20 inches. It’s the ideal height, incredibly comfy, and has a built-in pump, so we don’t have to worry about getting misplaced while in storage between guests. We used this 24″ pillowtop queen-sized bed air mattress.

2. Make an Air Mattress Feel Like a Real Bed by Adding a Memory Foam Topper:

With this gel-infused memory foam layer, the mattress feels less like an “air mattress” and more like a comfy guest bed.

3. With an Elastic Skirt, Cover the Bottom of an Air Mattress:

Doesn’t matter if it’s out of sight? To make the air mattress appear like a regular bed, you can simply cover the bottom with an elastic bed skirt. Make your spare room look like a bedroom by painting it white and decorating it for an open house.

4. Use Soft White Bedding to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment:

Cleanliness is one of the main reasons I favor white bedding over other colors (plus, it can be bleached, so it is clean). Many of my long-time favorite, low-cost bed linens and towels may be found at Walmart Home. You can’t help but fall in love with these bamboo bedding. The “squishy” sensation of these down-alternative pillows and duvet inserts is wonderful (that I use on all of our beds in our house, actually).

This white organic cotton bedding set from Walmart’s Gap Home collection, combined with these sweater-knit cushions and a sherpa pillow, was all that was needed for a cozy night’s sleep.

5. Add a Second Blanket for Extra Coziness:

Since you’re lying on top of a layer of chilled air, air mattresses are known for making you feel chilly. As a result, a luxurious sherpa blanket such as this one is ideal for keeping guests warm and cozy.

6. Stools and Crates Make Great Nightstands if You Modify Them:

Use a stool or crate you already have as a nightstand to set glasses on or keep a lamp nearby. I repurposed a stool from our kids’ bathroom to serve this purpose. Don’t go out and spend any money on anything extravagant. So many household items, most of which you already have, may be used.

7. Keep a Portable Nightlight or Lamp on Hand:

Consider what you have around the house that could serve as a nightstand for your bedside lamp, as it is much more convenient to have one close by. A little lamp from our bedroom was all that was needed.

8. Consider Including a White Noise Machine and/or a Clock:

White noise machines have always helped our family get a good night’s sleep, especially while away from home. This alarm clock includes relaxing natural noises, a dimmer, and a time projection feature.

9. Towels are a must-have:

With towels in the guest room ready and waiting, you don’t have to go searching for any in a potentially awkward moment if they step out of the shower and can’t find any towels. My personal favorites, which we’ve been using for years, are these fluffy white towels.

10. Towels should be included in the basket:

Ensure you have some tiny amenities on hand if your guests forget to bring their toothbrush or shampoo. The act of dumping everything into a single bin appeals to me. I aim to provide our guests with the same amenities that hotels often provide in their rooms.

Guests will feel right at home if you include these items in your guest bedroom needs list. So, our workplace is now ready for visitors! And we want to accomplish absolutely nothing in this room… and when loved ones come to visit, that’s precisely as it should be. Do you have any more ideas or luxuries for making your guests feel at home in your office guest room?

Consequently, you’re expecting overnight guests and do not have a guest room. There’s nothing I can’t handle. Make a guest room in any room by following these simple steps. Not only by placing an air mattress on the ground. However, there is nothing inherently wrong with doing so as well. You, on the other hand, have come for a reason.

In my arsenal of guest room hacks, all the minor elements that transform your living room or any spare room into a pop-up guest room room in a couple of minutes. There are affiliate links in this post. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you purchase through one of these links. Detailed information on disclosing and disclaiming our responsibility can be found here.

11. The use of an inflatable mattress:

It’s amazing how far air mattresses have come. AnThis is an excellent answer, even though this is not a brilliant one. Inflate the mattress, and you’re ready to go. Get a self-inflating mattress, or at the very least, one of those.

12. Couch:

A couch can be used as a bed, as well. Your guest may wake up with backache if your couch has been used a lot. Adding plywood to the bottom of a couch’s cushions can make it more comfortable, as can filling in the cushions. I’d acquire one of these cheap cushions supports to fix a droopy couch. If you tuck it under the cushions, the guest can sleep on a more comfortable couch.

13. Space for storing things:

If you’d want to provide a location for the guest’s clothing and other belongings, here are a few ideas:

  • A dresser.
  • A chest of drawers.
  • A wardrobe (Remove pictures and decor items and arrange a few baskets for the guests’ stuff) coat tree rod fastened to a shelf ornamental boxes and baskets for storage in an ottoman (stack them up, and it is also a nightstand) bookcase cube organizers under the couch.

What can you do when you don’t have enough space for both a home office and a guest bedroom? When it comes to interior design, this is a recurring problem, especially as the number of individuals working from home rises. Having a guest room and an office in the same house is extremely uncommon. It’s possible to make it work for both if you have a spare room in your house.

Spaces that serve many functions, on the other hand, are always a challenge. Either in a guest room converted into an office or in your bedroom, you need adequate space for both sleeping and working to be enjoyable. The good news is that with a few clever design methods, you can create a room that is both functional and appealing… Here are 11 ideas for a multipurpose guest room for your home office to get you started.

As a bonus, make certain you have everything your guests might want. If you’re hosting guests, use our handy guest room checklist to make sure you’re prepared. Read our shopping advice on office furniture if you want to be sure you have everything you need to work efficiently from home.

Choose a Cohesive Set of Furniture

14. Selecting a Complete Set of Matching Pieces:

Full bedroom functionality is provided in this home office/guest room design, which includes a queen bed and two nightstands. A full-sized desk can also be accommodated in this design. When working from home, having an office in your guest room or even your own bedroom is a necessity. It’s also a terrific choice for guests who need to work while they’re staying with you.

In spite of the fact that there is a lot of furniture in this little area, the desk’s wood tone matches the other pieces, giving the room a more coherent appearance.

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