How to Update a DIY Faux Fireplace

This is a possible conclusion to our DIY Faux Fireplace project. The best things are always the most simple if you think about them. While I wait for Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones alternate ending, I’m reading this. Season two of the Bless’er House Can’t-Leave-Well-Enough-Alone Chronicles picks up just where we left off.

Even though I detested it, Robert had his heart set on our enormous 60-inch TV for months before it was removed last week. However, Robert had the brilliant notion one night in the middle of our Netflixathon to place the large black box on our stairwell wall. As a result of the difficulty in focusing on such a large display. Our fireplace was free to roam the room after our DIY antique printer’s cabinet media console was in place!

Finally, we could remove the log end door we had built to conceal all of the cords that led to a wall outlet in the fireplace’s back wall. Yay! But it was a big job, so we had to bring in some help. However, they would be far lesser than those of a handyman.
Olivia removed the TV mount

Detailed directions for building our false fireplace are available in this earlier post.

  • To build the firebox, we needed the following materials: Below, you can find a list of affiliate links.) See my full disclosure here for more details.)
  • One brick hardboard panel
  • Drill Press (We have this one, and it does a great job.)
  • Jigsaw
  • 1.5′′ finishing nails for measuring the tape
  • A pneumatic nail gun or a hammer.
  • There are various latex caulks (and caulk tools for those of us who are messy caulkers).
  • The paintbrush (I always use this one.)
  • I used a matte black paint (I just used some leftover chalkboard paint.)
  • For the brick panel, we first nailed down two 2x4s at the bottom of our firebox to ensure that it was fully level and stable.
  • Before cutting our first brick panelling, we measured the width and depth we needed and nailed it in place with finishing nails.

Ideas for making a faux fireplace at home:

We chopped and nailed the panelling a second time to secure the panelling in place. We used a jigsaw to remove the panelling where we needed to accommodate two outlets (for whatever reason, we may require access to them in the future). Caulked all of the seams before nailing it in place.

The outlets virtually vanished after two layers of flat black paint. Because I wanted the outlet covers to be matte and fit in rather than stand out, I opted for black ones instead. This fireplace grate is a great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to update your home. Thank goodness things worked out so well for us. Just for decoration, I stuffed it with some birch logs.

Since this firebox is simply ornamental, no fire will be lit there. However, given that Charlotte has only had an inch of snow this winter, I believe we can do without the operating one. For the size we wanted, an electrical fireplace insert would have cost us close to $500, so I decided against it.

I’ll have more to say about the new TV ad in the coming days. So, now that I’ve got a clean slate, what are some of your favourite mantel decor ideas? If all goes according to plan, this brick panelling will look amazing on another wall in our house, so I’m already planning how I’m going to dress it up for the summer. What do you think? This item opens up a plethora of DIY opportunities.

Since our coffee table had taken a beating from the toddler lately, we decided to spruce it up with a new stain job on the top. It’s still in the early stages. It’s now up to the reviewers to decide. Is this an option you’d like to see more of? Alternatively, do you prefer the original log entryway?

All of our sources for the items in our living room, including that fan and those drapes, can be found on our Shop The House page, located on the bottom right of this page. Make a note of this post in case you ever feel inspired to construct your colossal fake fireplace: Since our coffee table had taken a beating from the toddler lately, we decided to spruce it up with a new stain job. It’s still in construction. Critics have the final say now. Is this an option you’d like to see implemented? Or would you prefer the more rustic appeal of the original log entryway?

Also, if you’d want to know more about any of the items in our living room (such as the fan and the drapes), you can check out our Shop the House website. If you ever feel the urge to construct your colossal fake fireplace, you can save this page to your Pinterest board for future reference: Isn’t it nice to envision sitting by the fireplace, reading a book, and sipping hot chocolate, only to discover that you don’t have a fireplace in your home? What about putting in a real one that would cost you nearly all your savings? Yes, I’ve had that vision numerous times throughout my life, so I insisted on including a fireplace in our new home.

After that, I realised I needed one for my bedroom, but it was already too late. Isn’t it possible to install a fake fireplace instead? They’re not as difficult as you may think, and you can often find them for a very low cost. Here are 13 amazing DIY fake fireplace ideas that you’ll want in your home, if you believe me.

When you decide to install a faux fireplace in your house, you’ll be amazed at how many options are available. Stunning DIY faux fireplace ideas await you in the next pages. They’ll make you wonder if they’re real! Each one of them will make you crave a hug.

My house has two authentic wood-burning fireplaces, and there’s no denying that these are the best! No other sound compares to the true crackle of a wood fire and the wonderful sensation of curling up next to one while reading a nice book or holding that special someone close. The finest sensation ever and a fantastic concept. As someone who despises the sound and feel of a furnace pumping hot air into the house, I prefer a real fireplace’s warm, comforting glow.

Unfortunately, true fireplaces are hard to come by, and installing one in a home may be extremely expensive. Real fireplaces are often prohibited in public locations. Let that not deter you from purchasing one! I’d wished to have a genuine fireplace in my bedroom for a long time. It’s the house’s coldest room, and the other fireplaces don’t do much to warm it up. To avoid using our furnace for a variety of reasons (it makes me feel claustrophobic, I prefer radiant heat over air heat, it’s expensive, and I just don’t like it), I decided to build a fireplace in my bedroom using a gas log set and a lava lamp.

That’s when building a faux fireplace first came to me. Many of you are probably picturing the false flames and other gimmicks of store-bought mantels and fireplaces. No, but if that’s your thing, that’s wonderful! However, this is not what I had in mind at all. I was looking for something special with a rustic farmhouse feel. A DIY faux fireplace or faux mantel can be created in various ways, with a wide range of components available. Perhaps you just want the sight of a fireplace in your living room or bedroom to create a focal point.

With a fake fireplace mantel and a DIY electric fireplace, you can certainly achieve that. Here’s what we did in the master bedroom. We had a great time, too. For the remainder of the space, it’s been a tremendous source of inspiration.

It doesn’t matter why you want a faux fireplace in your home; you can get one! Pre-made mantles, for example, are readily available for purchase. Here are some of my favourite DIY faux fireplace ideas that I hope will inspire you to create something unique with your fireplace and mantle.

The following are a few of my favourite fake fireplaces and mantels to date:

Aren’t these views stunning? The shiplap and white washed piled stone behind the screen are my favourites. It serves a significant function and sends a powerful message. An organic touch is provided by the faux logs in the faux fireplace surround, and the overall design is superb. If you visit this website, you can see exactly how it was made.

  • The Honeycomb Home’s artificial fireplace mantel is a nice option. It never ceases to amaze me how much a fireplace can transform a space. It serves as a focal point and adds a lot of flair to the environment.
  • Faux mantel and surround for the fireplace! It’s stunning! ” height=”398″ width=”597″
  • In order to make this cheap imitation fireplace shine, it features a white mantle, a fake brick inset, and board and batten.
  • A more vintage effect can be achieved by using this DIY Decor Mom faux fireplace insert. The black marble is the ideal complement to the ornate crown moulding and other traditional details.
  • The atmosphere in this room immediately improves.
  • options for storing a fake fireplace “”width=”600′′ height=”779′′>”
  • This fake fireplace features shiplap, as well as a lot of storage space. What a brilliant idea! Everything about it is wonderful, and it makes me wish my apartment had more storage space!
  • This is not a fake fireplace at all! There are many ways to personalise this type of fireplace to fit your home’s decor.
  • You can use any finish you like with the faux bricks insert. And just think of the possibilities for transforming it with each passing season.
  • And now for something completely different! The mantel and false fireplace created by Jennifer Rizzo are stunning.
  • When asked if Santa would arrive after they built this fireplace before Christmas, she answered, “If you build it, he will come,” which made me smile. Hang your stockings and enjoy a cup of hot cider in this cosy nook.

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