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PAC Jobs Karachi Latest Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra Jobs

PAC Jobs Karachi Latest Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra Jobs PAC Jobs Karachi 2022 Announcement Job seekers with an interest in aeronautics who are looking for career opportunities in the most prestigious design organisation can apply for PAC Jobs Karachi. Their exceptionally capable staff is looking for engineers for ongoing and new projects. Because PAC is an equal open door boss, and they just adjudicate applicants in the interest of their skills, these arising business valuable open doors are presented to both male and female rivals. Individuals who want to join might look for a long time through advertisements in unambiguous recognized periodicals and web sites.

To keep up with the rate at which the field is growing, they hire a large number of representatives on a regular basis at all levels, from entry-level to senior-level, using the same basic example of a hiring procedure as shown below. Keep in touch with our website for the most latest information and queries.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, or PAC, is one of Pakistan’s first-class associations engaged in the flying sector. It is a state-owned organisation situated in Kamra, Attock Locale that works for Pakistan Aviation-based armed forces to protect Pakistan’s aviation. They serve as military partners, delivering and controlling aeronautical frameworks for both civilian and military use.

Following a couple of long times of sending out F-16 jets, it was discovered in 1971 that these planes are annihilating as a direct result of the upgrade, and they are occasionally transported off to international nations for examination. So, in order to cut expenses, the Pakistan Flying Corps, with the support of the Chinese government, established a repair organization for F-16s and other aircraft.

In 1980, the main aeroplane flew after being upgraded at the Airplane Revamp Industrial Facility (ARF). As a result, they established multiple distinct companies, and a flying framework was eventually formed to design, build, manufacture, and repair aeroplanes. They primarily focus on developing cutting-edge technology for use in aeronautics, and its most prestigious clients are Pakistan’s Naval and Armed forces.


Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) is an organisation made up of four co-located factories that are responsible for the maintenance of all operational assets of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in order to offer effective control and efficient operation. The complex is controlled by a Board of Directors, which is led by Chairman PAC Board. The Chairman of the Board is now the Air Marshal of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). He is aided by three residents and two non-residents, namely

  • Finance for Members (Resident Member)
  • Commercial Member (Resident Member)
  • Technical Member (Resident Member)
  • Coordination of Ministerial Members (Non-Resident Member)
  • Private Member (Non-Resident Member)

The complex has multi-faceted engineering skills, allowing it to do Aircraft structure overhaul, Aircraft component overhaul, Aircraft Engine overhaul, Radar / Avionics Maintenance and overhaul, and Radar / Avionics Maintenance and overhaul. To meet the demands of all of these duties, the complex offers extensive aviation standard testing and production capabilities in one location.

PAC appreciates its clients and believes in collaborating with them by providing cost-effective engineering solutions via highly trained human resources and advancing engineering procedures at the lowest possible cost.

The rate of growth of PAC undoubtedly gives a silver lining on the horizon for the people of Pakistan, indicating that in the near future, Pakistan will stand out as a country capable of producing next generation fighter aircraft indigenously.

About Us

In 1971, five years after the induction of the F6 aircraft into the PAF, it was discovered that the aircraft had begun to fall due for overhaul, and in the absence of an in-country overhaul facility, the aircraft would be sent abroad for desired inspections, resulting in huge amounts of foreign exchange spent and unwelcome downtime for the aircraft fleet. With this backdrop, Pakistan Air Force leadership opted to pursue the historic aim of establishing an indigenous overhauling facility for the PAF’s F6 fleet. Following negotiations with the OEM and the Chinese government, the building of the F6 Rebuild Factory (ARF), now known as the Aircraft Rebuild Factory (ARF), began at Kamra, under the supervision of Chinese experts. The first aircraft was completed at completion rolled out after Overhaul in the year 1980.

After gaining overhauling expertise with Chinese origin aircraft, it was deemed necessary to create a comparable General Overhaul (GOH) facility for PAF’s French origin Mirage III & V aircraft. The Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF) project began in 1974, and the first restored Mirage aircraft rolled out of the factory in 1980. MRF also created an MRO facility for the Atar 09c engine and related accessories in the early 1980s, with following additions of several additional engine MRO services. Following the creation of overhaul of Chinese and French origin aircraft, efforts were made to enter the aircraft manufacturing sector. As a modest beginning, the Aircraft Manufacture Factory chose a light trainer MFI-17 aircraft for local manufacturing (AMF) was founded in 1975 after a successful agreement with the Swedish OEM.


  • Medical Officer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Naib Qasid
  • Security Supervisor
  • Account Assistant
  • Avionics Engineer
  • Driver
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Radar Technician
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineer
  • Draughtsman
  • Nurse

How to Apply For PAC Jobs Karachi ?

Candidates who meet the qualifying requirements may apply for PAC Jobs Karachi, and we have disseminated the application procedure provided by the public body. Click the “Apply Here” button to go to their official website,, and finish the online registration process. The application structure is available on their website and may be downloaded without difficulty. Fill in all of your nuances of capability, previous professional training, and successes during your learning vocation.

Look for a position that both interests you and matches your educational background. Display the structure The head of the office will validate the whole constructions and send them for extra inspection. Applicants that meet the required models will be contacted for an interview and a written exam. Chosen individuals will be sent on a two-month preparatory period prior to entering the divisions.

PAC Jobs Karachi Latest Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra Jobs

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